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How To Create The Perfect Wardrobe

Feeling a bit meh about your wardrobe? Girl, we feel ya.
There’s nothing worse than opening up your ‘drobe and having
NOTHING to wear (even if it’s completely full).
If you wanna upgrade your style but don’t know where to start,
we’ve got your back.
Whether you want to start from scratch or just make it easier to
get ready in the morning, here are our top tips for creating the perfect capsule wardrobe.
1. Sort out your stuf
Wondering how to have the perfect wardrobe?
The key is clearing out the stuff you don’t want.
If you’ve got loads of clothes and don’t know what to do with them,
think about when you wore them last.
If it’s been longer than 3-6 months, you probably don’t need them in there.
It’s also a good idea to think about whether you actually
like them anymore.
If your clothes don’t make you feel good, get rid.
2. Sell, donate & exchange
Once you’ve sorted your wardrobe,
it’s time to get rid of the stuff you don’t want.
Put your clothes into piles of stuff you can sell,
what you want to donate or items you could exchange
with your friends.
Try and avoid just chucking clothes out – unless they’re really worn or damaged, you can always recycle them.
3. Think about your style
Wondering how to create a capsule wardrobe? It’s all in the planning.
Before investing in new clothes,
think about your style and what you like to wear.
If it helps, create a moodboard of your fave influencers or celebs.
It’s also a good idea to think about colours you like to wear and what
shades go together well.
4. Get planning
Obvs, the first place to start is the basics.
Whether you need jeans, skirts, trousers or basic tops,
these are the foundation pieces of your style.
Once you’ve covered the basics, select a few ‘fun’ pieces to add a bit of personality to your style.
You can update these on a regular basis too
to keep up with the latest trends.
5.Start buying!
Yassss, this is the fun bit.
Shopping for new clothes is always the best,
but it’s important to stick to your plan.
If it helps, make a list of items you need to create your perfect capsule wardrobe.
It can get a bit expensive shopping for a whole new wardrobe,
so it’s a good idea to look for
discounts to keep your bank balance happy too.
Ready to create your perfect wardrobe?
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ready a breeze.
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about your funds when investing in your new ‘drobe.