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10 Things That Happen on Every Girls Night Out

10 Things That Happen on Every Girls Night Out

May 04, 2018

There really is nothing better than a good night out with the girls. After a long week at work, escaping the stresses of your daily life seems so appealing. However, there are elements of a girls night out that are inevitable. Some we love, some we could live without, but ultimately we wouldn’t change our clique for the world!
Pre-Drink Gossip
You know how it is, we’re all very busy women, and a lot can happen in between seeing your girlies. So it’s no surprise that little nuggets of gossip come out during pre-drinks. Being the most comfortable part of the night, you know you can share anything in this environment without being judged by your besties.


Herding the Cattle

When you’ve eventually finished your makeup and rounded up the girls, it’s time to get in the taxi. This is an operation that has to be run with military precision. No matter how organised you try to be, there’s always one friend running late or fixing her eyelash in the bathroom mirror for far too long.



Confusion Over Splitting The Taxi Fare


Whether you’re paying in good old cash or trying to split the cost through Uber, one thing is for sure - there’ll be confusion over the taxi fare. Sometimes it can feel like your resitting your maths exams, especially when one friend only has a cash note. No matter how many times you try and think back to that one time you bothered to tackle the numeracy round on Countdown, eventually you lose the will to live and agree to pay with the note and pay your friend back with drinks.  



Someone Goes Missing


We all have that one friend you nickname the “explorer”. There’s something about this particular friend where they seem to disappear within seconds of entering the club. They always turn up eventually, usually in a completely different room in the club then you started in, surrounded by new friends that she’s managed to acquire.



Unwanted Shots


No matter how much you try to avoid them, shots are an unavoidable part of a girls night out. There’s always one friend that is far more into this prospect than the rest, and she usually sneaks to the bar to buy a round. There’s also usually another friend who really can’t handle her shots, and tries to persuade the group Sourz are the best option. Top tip: if you can’t identify this friend it’s probably you.



Making New Friends in the Bathroom



The club bathroom is the epicenter of sisterhood. Boys spend their lifetime trying to figure out why we exist to the bathroom in packs, and the truth of the matter is that the bathroom is the funniest place in the club! During your time in the ladies room, cosmetics and hairbrushes are freely traded along with life advice. Whether you ask for said advice is irrelevant, everyone is an agony aunt in the club bathroom.  


Someone Complaining About Their Feet Hurting



You’ve been dancing the night away for hours now, and it’s gotten to that point in the night- your dogs are barking! You may not be the first to complain about your feet hurting, but once one friend has expressed their discomfort it’s game over. She has verbalised what you all are thinking, and it’s time to retire from the dance floor. This marks the beginning of your transformation from disco queen to bridge troll, it’s all downhill from here.



Emotional Convo About Exes


We’ve all had that one ex we can’t quite get over. Whether you’re going through this issue or your friend is, one thing is for sure - an emotional heart to heart is unavoidable. This usually takes place in the smoking area or bathroom, and typically involves your clique surrounding the upset girl to create an iglu of emotion. It’s your job to remind your bestie what a strong woman she is, and get her back to her bubbly self in record time.



Mirror Horror



Once you’ve shaken off the ghosts of boyfriend past, it’s time to face your reflection for the first time in hours. At first, you can’t really believe your eyes. The full face of contour and highlight you left the house with is a distant memory. You begin to wonder how long you’ve been wandering around the club like this, and try your best to salvage what makeup you have left. Eventually, you admit defeat, and you’re ready for your bed.




Questionable Take-Out


Now you’ve gone through the full spectrum of emotions (and your face shows it), it’s time for the best part of the night - food! By this point you’re famished, and any standards you once had have long gone. There’s a questionable burger or kebab with your name on and by god you’ll travel over hell and high-water for it!



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