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5 City Breaks You Need To Do RN

5 City Breaks You Need To Do RN

October 14, 2019

Bye summer. HELLO season of city breaks.
Autumn and winter are legit the best time to pop off for a lil weekend break.
We’re talking cocktails in cosy bars, fresh walks exploring the city
and taking in the ~cultural~ sights while wrapped up in a big coat.
If you’re looking for the lowdown on the best city breaks,
we’ve got you covered.
Here are our top 5 fave autumn & winter city breaks that’ll
have you booking flights before you know it.
1. Barcelona
We love Barcelona in the summer
(a beach AND city? You’re spoiling us, Spain).
But it’s just as amazing in autumn & winter too.
Check out the Sagrada Familia without the crowds, go shopping or indulge in excessive amounts of paella.
Best of all?
It doesn’t rain too much and is one of the best European city breaks
for weather that isn’t freezing.
2. Prague
Prague is straight up magical in autumn & winter.
Head over just before Christmas for winter wonderland scenes
(and sample a bit of svařák aka mulled wine – it’s a Czech speciality).
You’ll also find one of Europe’s best Christmas markets in Prague’s Old Town.
The best excuse for a winter city break, IMHO.
 3. Paris
You can’t beat Paris for an autumn city break.
Sip chocolat chaud in a cosy café, walk amongst the autumn leaves in the Luxembourg Gardens and don a beret for 100% French vibes. Best of all? Oversized jumpers will let you eat as many crêpes as you want.
4. Rome
Ciao bella. Rome is one of the best European city breaks
and it’s even better in the cooler months.
Fewer crowds means you’ll be able to get the best pics of the
Piazza Navona or the Trevi Fountain.
Plus, seasonal Italian food is DELISH.
5. Lisbon
Autumn and winter are the best seasons to brave Lisbon’s hills.
Take in the views from the Ulysses Tower, munch on pastel de nata to your heart’s content and get lost in this beautiful city’s idyllic streets.
This is defo a city break to get on your bucket list.
Looking for a weekend city break, babe?
When it comes to city breaks, Europe is your go-to.
We guarantee you’ll have THE BEST time in any of these gorge destinations. Need some weekend break outfit inspo?
Check out our New In edit to find looks that slay.