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5 Heroines of Halloween

5 Heroines of Halloween

October 09, 2018


With our favourite holiday of year just around the corner, we here at Hidden HQ thought it would be a great opportunity to countdown our female heroes of Halloween. So to salute our mistresses of the dark, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 Halloween heroines, so strap in, grab your cauldron, and prepared to be scared!

Mortica Addams  


We mean, what females of horror list would be complete without Mortica! The head of the Addams family, this gothic beauty managed to prove that horror could sexy. Ironically, Morticia somehow manages to live the quintessential suburban housewife dream completed with two children and doubting husband despite her alternative approach to life - she really has it all!





Based on Stephen King’s short story, Carrie came into pop culture realms through the hugely popular film adaptation. This mind-reading high-schooler taught us the power of the underdog complete with one cinema’s most iconic scenes. Pig’s blood - do we need to say much more!



Sharon Needles


She might look scary but she’s really nice … for now!  Season 4 of the hugely popular drag reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race was groundbreaking, especially when it comes to its winner Sharon Needles. Arguable one of the most important queens to ever win the show, Miss Needles changed the game with her campy horror inspired style, showing a whole generation that you can win at life just doing you boo!



Nancy Downs


Let’s just be honest, The Craft is piece of teen movie perfection. The cult 90’s teen witch movie gave us plenty of grunge style inspiration, and no character embodied this quite like Nancy Downs. The choker-loving witch from the wrong side of the tracks taught us there’s never too much eyeliner while giving us endless catchphrases.

Wednesday Addams

Wednesday might be one of the most relocatable character ever, let alone not just during Halloween. The emotionally vacant child played by Christiana Richie found her way into our hearts with her sharp tongue and often deadpan delivery. We just wish we got with half the thing this bad-ass girl did!   



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