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5 LGBT+ Artists That Should Be On Your Pride Playlist

5 LGBT+ Artists That Should Be On Your Pride Playlist

May 23, 2019

With pride season now upon us, it’s time to get our rainbow clothes on and dance the night away! Thankfully, to help you celebrate your pride in style, HIDDEN has put together a list of 5 LGBT music artists that should be making your pride playlist.

Kim Petras

Main Bop:  Heart To Break

German born transgender pop-star ,Kim Petras,, has slowly been building notoriety in the pop industry for her distinct brand of bubblegum pop. Stunningly beautiful with an amazing vocal range, the LA based star has collaborated with a huge range of artists including Charli XCX and Cheat Codes.

Troye Sivan

Main Bop: My My My

Australian born Youtuber turned pop star, Troye Sivan, has been dominating the pop charts on both sides of the pond for over two years now. With two albums (Blue Neighborhood & Bloom) now under his belt, along with collabs with the likes of Ariana Grange and Lauv, this is one young man with a bright pop future.


Main Bop : Day Month Second

Bisexual London based singer Girli has been a the name on many pop critics lips for a while now. Blending her own style of bubblegum pop with often political and feminist lyrics, the 21 year-old states artists as wide as Lily Allen to Patti Smith as influences. If pop music with a political edge is what you’re looking for, Girli is your girl!


Main Bop: Tongue

The London born singer/producer has been a fixture in the pop scene for many years now. Working with artists including Zara Lawson and even BEYONCE, the shellac nail wearing pop genius has been lighting up the charts with his unique blend of RnB pop that is sure to get you dancing!


Main Bop: Immaterial

Transgender music producer, SOPHIE, was the hottest name on music critics lips in 2018. Her debut album “Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides” was welcomed to raved reviews, and perfectly encapsulated her signature style of sharp electronic sounds paired with high-pitched and often sweet sounding vocals, “Immaterial”, one of the biggest tracks on the album, is a dance anthem for the “gender queer” generation, exploring the freedom of gender expression while remaining a pretty sounding dance banger!


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