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5 Reasons We Love Our Dads

5 Reasons We Love Our Dads

June 17, 2018

Let’s face it, most of us our daddy’s girls at heart. Yes, our dads play a big role in our lives. Often the first male figure in our lives, our fathers set the precedence for how we expect to be treated. Strong, loyal and warm - our fathers are our heroes. To celebrate Father’s Day, we’ve decided to count down 5 reasons why we love our dads.



No.1 He’s Your Protector



From questionable boyfriends to school bullies, your dad is always looking out for you. After all, you're his princess and 'nobody put baby in the corner' when he's around. Sometimes this comes out in a cool and collective manner, and other times he can really lose his temper. Either way, he does it from a place of love.



No.2 He’s The Best Bank A Girl Could Ask For



As much as we love to be strong independent women, we also know the bank of dad is always open. When you're in those sticky end of the month finances or simply want a new pair of shoes, you know all you have to do is flutter your lashes and he’s putty in your hands. Your dad knows how to treat a young lady.



No.3 He’s Firm But Fair



Make no mistake, your dad may have a soft spot, but that doesn’t mean he won’t lay down the law. We love our dads for firmly putting our feet back on the ground. They teach us the importance of hard work and smart decisions.



No.4 He Always Makes You Laugh



Dads seem to have an amazing gift for making us laugh no matter the situation. There’s something about those bad dad jokes that seem so charming coming from your dad’s mouth. He may only have four jokes in his repertoire, but that doesn’t seem to matter somehow.



No.5 He Always Tries His Best



He may not always know the right thing to say or many handle things with less tacked than you’d like, but your dad always tries his best. From turning up to every school play to offering pearls of wisdom after a break-up, he’s always there to cheer you up and help. For that, we are eternally grateful.


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