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5 Stages Of A Cocktail Catch-Up Every Girl Knows

5 Stages Of A Cocktail Catch-Up Every Girl Knows

July 10, 2018

You know how it is, you and your besties are busy girls. So when the chance for a good old catch up comes along you take it - and what social event isn’t improved by cocktails! Yes a bit of “girl time” with your BFF’s is something almost every girl has experienced, and in celebration of National Pina Colada Day, we thought we’d countdown 5 Stages of a Cocktail Catch Up Every Girl Knows. So grab a drink and get ready to laugh!

Tinder Date Story Time



We all have that one friend who is genuinely hopeless in love. As sad as it is, it's also is a source of great entertainment. Listening to the number of disastrous dating stories your friend has collected since your last catch-up never ceases to amuse you. From climbing out of a bathroom window to faking a family emergency - your friend is sure to have a Tinder horror story that’ll leave you in stitches!  



Exciting Life Updates



It’s been a long time since you last saw your girlies, so a lot has changed. From new jobs, new cars or even new love interests - it’s inevitable that at least one of your friends will have an exciting life update to share. You and your pals couldn’t be happier about these nuggets of positive news, and together you lift each other up in a moment of true sisterhood.




Agony Aunt Corner



However, with the good also comes the bad. Sad updates often follow the wave of positivity as drinks flow and barriers come down. From lousy workplace experiences to break-ups, this is the time to let it all hang out without fear of judgment. Every friend suddenly becomes “Dear Deidre” and offers their own pearls of wisdom to remedy the issues.



Tipsy Toilet Break




At some point in the evening it’s time to finally pop to the lady’s room. From the moment you leave the comfort of your booth you realise that something isn’t quite right, you feel slightly light headed, fragile of your feet, but also strangely merry - this is the moment you understand you’re tipsy. No where is your level of drunkenness more apparent than when your take your first look into the lady’s room mirror. You begin to wonder how long have you had cheese stuck in your tooth from the nacho platter, and why didn’t anyone inform you?!




The Undefeated Friend



After a couple more you and your friends are ready to call it a night. This was only meant to be a mid-week catch-up after all, and you have a big day at work in the morning. However, there’s always one friend that’s not ready for the night to end. She’s usually the one who drinks more than the rest and is totally ready to party. After 10 minutes or so of begging, she finally gets the picture, and you all go home.



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