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5 Stages of Monday Morning Blues

5 Stages of Monday Morning Blues

October 01, 2018


It’s Monday morning, and girl we know the struggle is real! Whether you’re making your way to lectures or the workplace, there are plenty of little things sent to annoy you along the way. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! In fact, we've created a list on early week annoyances that really tick us off, see how many you relate to!

Alarm Clock Annoyance

Is there a worst sound in the world than your ungodly alarm clock? As soon as that noise screams from your clock or phone, you find yourself pleading for “just ten more minutes!”. You may try to soften the blow by setting your alarm tone to your favourite song, but soon enough you’ll grow to associate the tune with cold early mornings and hate it!  


Bathroom Bickering

Whether you’re living with family, friends, or Bae, there’s sure to be an overlap in morning schedules. Nowhere is this more prevalent than when it comes to the bathroom. There’s always someone who has decided to use the shower when you’re trying to do your makeup in the good bathroom mirror - don’t they understand you need good lighting!


Commute Chaos

We have one word for you, TRAFFIC! Do we need to say much more?


Coffee Fix

One moment of bliss many of us have before we start our busy workday is our morning coffee fix. It’s the one treat we just can’t go without. However, there’s always one picky person in front of us with the most complicated order. We’re sorry, was that a coffee order or are you brushing up on your Latin?

Oh, and the barista ALWAYS spells your name wrong!


Email Horror!

Is there anything that fills you with dread quite like opening up your emails after the weekend? Honestly, replying to them all can take the best part of Monday morning, nevermind the workload we’re actually meant to get done by the end of the day!



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