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5 Stages of Sale Shopping

5 Stages of Sale Shopping

November 16, 2018

With sale season here FINALLY, it’s time to prepare yourself for the sport that is sale shopping. So to bring some fun to the festive sale season, we’ve put together a list of 5 stages of sale shopping that we’re all guilty of. So get your credit card at the ready, and make room in your wardrobe girl!



FOMO Kicks In

The week before Black Friday your emails are flooded with promo emails from various stores. These newsletters are filled to the brim with amazing deals and must-have items that leave you worrying you’ll miss out! After all, YOU WANT ALL THE NICE THINGS!

Prioritising Your Time

To combat the fear of missing out, you begin the create a plan. You ask yourself questions like “what items am I looking for in particular” and “what stores are a must-stop on your sale shopping journey”. Eventually your hatch a time-efficient plan to get what you want in the quickest time.

Basket Overload

Any plan you once had goes out the window once you begin shopping. The number of fun items you never knew you needed but now seem a necessity is overwhelming, and before you know it your shopping cart is an endless black hole.  

Wait...Can You Afford All This?

Okay, so you picked up more than your expected - but hey, that’s what sales are all about right? Now comes the time to take your mountain of items to the checkout, and the realization hits you...can you actually afford this? As you enter your bank details you cross your fingers and toes and pray your purchase will clear.  

That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

Thankfully, your payment is cleared and this strange feeling comes over you. It’s a mixture of satisfaction and smugness, as you realise that savings you’ve bagged.

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