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5 Things Every Girl Stresses Over Before a Vacation

5 Things Every Girl Stresses Over Before a Vacation

June 01, 2018

Summer is finally here, and you’ve probably already booked your getaway. However,  we bet there are some nagging doubts you just can’t shake before your vacay. Don’t worry you’re not alone! In fact, here are 5 things every girl stresses over before a vacation.



No.1 Packing Panic



There’s a true art to packing a suitcase. Not only can efficient packing grant you more space and fewer baggage costs, but it can also ensure your peace of mind. However, no matter how much time and effort we put towards packing, there’s always a sinking feeling that we’ve forgotten something. Honestly, there are military operations conducted with less precision, yet there’s always one beauty product that slips our minds every time.



No.2 Beach Body Blues



This isn’t a concern that only applies to us girls. However, it does consume our thoughts for an unhealthy amount of time. There’s a period of about two weeks where the realisation that we’ve bypassed the gym for months finally sinks in. This is where we all go into wonder woman mode, finding ourselves hitting the gym harder than Rocky, and following a diet plan Gillian McKeith would be proud of.



No.3 Letting Go



Let’s face it, us girls are the queens of multitasking. So much so that we only realise how many plates we’re spinning when it’s time to let them go. It’s easy to find yourself working twice as hard to make sure everyone has what they need from you before you take leave. From to-do lists for coworkers to dietary requirements for our beloved pooches. Everything needs to be covered, but of course, no one could do it as well as you.



No.4 Dealing With Other People



Whether you’re planning a trip with family, friends or bae, it’s hard to spend that much time with any single person. Habits you forgot about or simply never noticed before come to the forefront, and you find yourself thankful that this holiday is only for an allotted time. Don’t get us wrong, we love them, but that much time together can feel like A LOT! Some would call us antisocial we prefer the term truthful.



No. 5 Making Sure Entertainment Is Covered



There’s nothing worse than being stuck on a long-haul flight with nothing to preoccupy yourself with, and as a result, we over-stock on entertainment. From books to revamping our music playlists, we could spend hours making sure every minute of our flight is covered by some form of entertainment. Suddenly we find ourselves packing three novels, which is ironic because we haven’t read three books this year let alone in the space of a week in the sun.   

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