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6 Stages Of Payday

6 Stages Of Payday

July 03, 2018



We all know that feeling. After weeks of scrimping and scraping, it’s finally time for your bank account to be replenished! Yes, payday is here, and we couldn’t be happier. To celebrate the joyous occasion, we’ve put together a countdown of 6 stages of payday every girl knows too well.



No.1 Payday Panic



Picture the scene, it’s 12am, and you’re fixed to your bank app. You wait endlessly, refreshing the app from your bed until you see those glorious numbers appear. There’s a panic that comes over when at 12.01 when there is still no sign of your money. You pray there hasn’t been a mistake with the HR department or your bank. Thankfully, by 12.04 the cash appears, and the sheer panic has faded away.




No.2 Temptation Takes Hold



Some would say your spending habits are an issue, but to you that sounds ridiculous. We mean, how can something so good be an issue. As soon as those digits grow in your account those items that have been living in your saved basket finally make their way to the check-out. This may happen within an hour or a day after you’ve pay-out. The temptation is far too loud and before you know it you’re back to square one again.




No.3 Adulting



Soon after your spending spree, you realise that you have actual serious things you need to pay. The rent, bills, and car all need to be accounted for and this is easily the part of the month we wish we weren’t adults the most. You never believed your parents when you were younger, but adulting is hard! There’s nothing we hate more than parting with money for boring life admin things.




No.4 The Recluse Phase



Once you’ve blown through your wages at a record speed, it’s time to knuckle down. During this period all social interaction with friends, family and even S.O’s are kept to a minimum in the last ditch attempt to keep hold of the money you have left. Netflix becomes your best friend during this phase. Whole box sets are completed in breakneck time as you try your best to entertain yourself through the weekend.




No.5 The Empty Promises



The last week of the financial month is the hardest, and once it’s over, you promise yourself that next month you will not make the same mistakes. This, of course, is a lie. We swear to anyone that’ll listen that you’re going to change your spending habits and pull it together - but we all know that’s never going to happen!




No.6 The Cycle Begins Again



FINALLY, it’s payday again! The joy you started last month with has returned and the struggle of the past week seems to have faded away. As soon as those figures appear in your bank account, you find yourself sliding those saved items into your shopping bag again, and so the cycle begins again.




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