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8 Things All Uni Grads Know To Be True

8 Things All Uni Grads Know To Be True

May 23, 2018



Yes, it’s coming to that time of year again where a fresh batch of students are released into the real world as fully qualified “adults” (we’re using that word in the loosest of forms, we know you don’t have a clue what you’re doing girl). Yes, graduation is coming up, so the clever girls at HIDDEN HQ thought we’d give you a laugh and countdown things all uni graduates know to be true.



  • Dissertations are LITERALLY hell on earth!

    You’d heard the horror stories from older siblings and friends, but nothing could prepare you for the PTSD you have endured as a result of embarking on your dissertation. Hours, days, weeks, and even months can be consumed by this dark and long-winded essay that effectively boils down three years of education and tens of thousands of pounds of debt into endless pages of pure desperation and misery. For the love of god PLEASE never mention Harvard Referencing to us ever again!


    Paying your Library Fines


    We’ve all ran over borrowing a book from the uni library, especially near the end of the year. However, this is where the ghosts of education past come back to bite you on that peachy derriere. Years of over-borrowing have finally caught up with you, and it’s time to pay your debts.



    Getting rid of your coursebooks



    As you look down at these heavy books that for so long have bought you nothing but confusion you’re struck by two overwhelming feelings. Firstly, you can’t believe how expensive a single textbook can be, honestly, how can the education system be on its knees when they’re charging so much per book! Secondly, how much these books have come to mean to you. You somehow find it hard to part with these trinkets of your uni experience.


    “Adulting” Panic!


    This is around the time the realisation that the adult world is now waiting for you. For some, this may seem like a land of opportunities. To others, this may strike fear in their hearts. Yes, they’ll be no more cheeky nights out on a Thursday followed by 2 pm lie-ins for you! This is where you prove those three years of education were worth it.


    The Final House Party


    After your near breakdown over your dissertation and the prospect you may have to become an adult, you decide to give your uni years a sending off in the best way you know how - a house party. Yes, your uni house has seen some things over years. Deep drunken convos on the kitchen floor, stand-offs over dirty dishes in the sink, and don’t get us started on the ex-boyfriends that house has hosted. It’s time to raise a glass or four to the home that kept you safe through your uni years.


    Cancelling the broadband



     There’s a strange week following the farewell house party where all of your former housemates move out of the home either with friends or back with family. During this time, the house slowly gets more and more empty, but perhaps the greatest loss of all is the broadband. We mean, a whole week without Netflix, how are we meant to cope!



    Deposit Delight




    Once everyone has left the house, it’s time to reclaim your house deposit. This money couldn’t come at a better time, and you’re so tempted to spend this money like mad. However, then you remember you’re meant to be adulting. What do real adults spend their money on btw? Financial shares or something?



    Booking a Holiday


    After the stress of your final year, a holiday is much needed! A week in the sun before your graduation is just what the doctor ordered, and it gives you the chance to either celebrate or forget your grade. Just remember, grades do not shape who you are or what you’ll achieve. Now go out there girl and show the world who’s boss!

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