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8 Tips to Survive Your First Year of Uni

8 Tips to Survive Your First Year of Uni

October 14, 2019

Congrats, girl.
You’ve made it through Fresher’s Week!
It’s time to put party bae away and get boss bish out of hibernation,
‘cause it’s time to WERK.
Your first year of uni is literally THE BEST.
You’ve probs already made new mates,
you’re living on your own for the first time and you’ve got
a new city (or campus) to explore.
We’re not gonna lie, it’s also a bit scary.
Nevermind all that new, you’ve also got to manage
adulting for the first time, as well as get stuck into your course.
If you’re looking for tips for surviving university life, we got you.
Here’s the lowdown on how to slay your first year.
1. Remember that everyone’s in the same boat
Wondering how to survive uni? Don’t forget that everyone is new to it too.
You won’t look weird if you start a convo with someone before a lecture or pop into your flatmate’s room for a chat. It’ll help you make new pals.
2. Get budgeting
When it comes to uni tips and tricks, everyone goes on about budgeting.
There’s good reason babe - it REALLY works.
I mean, you don’t wanna run out of your loan in the first week of term.
Plan in the stuff you want to spend money on & find cheaper options where you can.
3. Register with a GP ASAP
Babe, getting ill at uni is RUBBISH.
It’s even worse if you haven’t registered with a doc yet.
Our best tip for first year uni students is to get that done in your first
few weeks.
You’ll thank us when freshers flu hits.
4. Don’t procrastinate too much
We all sit on TikTok for way too long every now and then (it’s self-care) but
putting off stuff will only make it worse in the long run.
Whether it’s tackling your reading list, cleaning your room or getting that essay done, avoid procrastinating too much.
5. Join a society
Getting hassled in Fresher’s Week to join every society under
the sun is a uni rite of passage. Real talk though.
A society is one of the best ways to make new friends.
Another university tip is to join a sport society.
It’ll save money on a gym membership.
6. Don’t shop when you’re hungry
This is one of our best tips for university freshers.
Don’t hit up the supermarket aisles when you’re hungry.
You’re gonna end up with about 14 pizzas and 72 bags of Doritos.
Plan your meals and have a snack before you go shopping, you and your bank balance will thank us.
7. Take LOADS of pics
Don’t just Snapchat & Story your time at uni.
Take loads of pics and back them up to your Cloud.
You’ll wanna treasure those memories long after you’ve left uni.
Print them out if you prefer but be sure to capture as much as possible.
8. Ring your family
Whether it’s your mum, dad, nan or siblings, ring your close family regularly
(especially if you’re feeling a lil homesick).
They’ll want to know how you’re getting on and it’ll help you feel closer when you’re far away.
There are loads of tips for surviving university life out there.
Our best tip for first year uni students is to get out and have fun.
You’re only there for a few years, so make the most of it, babe.
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