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The Christmas Party Lowdown

The Christmas Party Lowdown

November 28, 2017

The Christmas party is soon approaching and it’s time to bring out your inner party animal. This is the one time of the year when you can show your colleagues what you’re really like outside of work, no strings attached. You discover that Susan is a secret D-I-V-A out of that three-piece business suit and sock bun; rocking her vinyl dress and platform heels (you go Susan).

Ditch the sensible kitten heel and get glitzing in your glad rags and pop them bottles because tonight all-party sins are forgiven. We can’t guarantee there won’t be awkward moments over the photocopier come Monday but tonight unbreakable bonds have been made. Who knew Simon from accounts had a background in break-dancing?!


Awkward group selfies that seemed like a good idea at the time

“Guys, I know what would be a really good idea. Let’s take a selfie but everyone in the same toilet cubicle.” It seemed absolutely hilarious at the time, but the resulting picture is a 100% hidden on Facebook when the inevitable tag comes in. There’s elbows everywhere, your hairs in your eyes and you’ve done an accidental knicker flash.

Now, we’re not against a top-notch group selfie but trying to flex a move in every outfit can result in chaos. Free yourself with a jumpsuit, put your shoulders back and chin forward. Stun.


Kissing Simon from Accounts because he’s a really good break-dancer

I mean he was really good and you’ve always had a little office crush on him anyway. Usually these simple tricks don’t impress you but you’re in the Christmas spirit and your Christmas Party dress it to die for. It would be a waste not to see if the office fantasy lives up to reality. (It doesn’t, ABORT ABORT!).



Being the Milky Bar Kid of shots

You’ve had a few too many bevs and your generous nature has come out to play. You’re the philanthropist of alcohol and you’re in a giving mood. Some may say it’s to make everyone else as drunk as you to cover up your drunken behaviour, but we know you’re a giver. Checking your bank balance tomorrow is not gonna be fun. Fingers crossed for that holiday bonus!



Whether you’re going to be busting a move or striking up a new friendship with your distant boss, Hidden has you covered with the latest Party Trends!