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Dresses For Any Date Eventuality

Dresses For Any Date Eventuality

April 03, 2019

With spring now here, a whole world of date night possibilities have opened up once more. However, this opens up the question, “what to wear on these dates?” We get it - you want to feel flirty and girly but you don’t want to seem too overdressed for the occasion. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of dresses for any date eventuality to help you look yourself best without the stress!

Fancy Dinner Dates

Okay, so the first one is possibly the most obvious of them all. Let’s not get it twisted, sometimes all you need is a sexy cocktail dress to make the man of your knees drop to his knees. Thankfully, that exactly what our Red Midi Dress with Ruffle Detailing is designed to do! Ideal for any dinner date or fancy evening, this classic bodycon dress completed with ruffle detailing is sure to show off your curves in a classy and sophisticated way.

Picnic In The Park

Now that it’s officially spring, it’s time to get more outdoorsy with your date plans. Sounds great right? The only issue is, what does a girl wear when on a picnic date? Well our Taupe Striped Bardot Dress with Button Detailing of course! Pairing a modest mid length with a bardot neckline and button detailing, this dress perfectly embodies daytime glamour.

Drinks After Work

We’ve all been there, you’ve met a guy on Tinder, you work fairly close to each other and have decided to grab a drink after work, what could go wrong right? EVERYTHING! Let’s face it, trying to look effortlessly chic while not looking like you’ve made too much effort for after work drinks is hard. You spend the last hour of your working day preening in the mirror, trying to look less of a mess. We have the answer, our Blue Denim Jacket Style Bodycon Dress.

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