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February Hits & Misses

February Hits & Misses

February 11, 2019

With the season of love upon us, we thought it was about time we shared what we’re loving and hating this month. So get your roses and chocolates at the ready girls!

Ariana’s New Album

Not even 6 months after the masterpiece that was the “Sweetner” album, Ari has blessed us with ANOTHER album! “Thank U, Next” is literally the best break-up album ever, and has bop after bop!.

Fashion Week Season

It might still be raining cats & dogs or even snowing outside, but it’s time once again for us to draw our attention to the up and coming AW collections of our favourite designers. Yes fashion week season has kick started, and we can’t get enough of seeing that these fashion geniuses have come up with for the coming season!

J-Law Engagement

Yes the oscar-winning actress has finally had a ring put on here finger and we couldn’t be happier for J-Law. Let’s just hope she doesn’t trip on her dress down the aisle!

Naomi & Liam

...Wait, what? We still can’t quite believe that Naomi Campbell and Liam Payne are an item. We mean, we thought Liam and Cheryl was strange enough, but this celeb couple really does take the biscuit.

Face Tattoos

Singer/superfan  Kelsey Karter broke the internet earlier this month we she posted a photo of Harry Styles tattoo. You might be thinking “okay, what so bad about that”. However, it’s wear the tattoo was positioned. The tattoo took up a large section of her cheek! Thankfully, the tattoo turned out to be fake, but it had us on the edge of our seats for a minute!


What would February be without complaining about Valentines? Yes, the singles least favourite holiday has reared its ugly head again, and we can’t wait for it leave. We’re making the most of the season of love by spreading the love with our BFF’s, because who needs a man really.