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The Re-Boot

The Re-Boot

November 03, 2017

It’s not a big surprise that fashion trends have a way of coming full circle. We believe the bigger the comeback, the better. At Hidden, we have a revival that has rivalled even Winona Ryder’s resurgence. The Thigh High Boot.

The thigh high’s have had many an evolution and we are excited about the most recent one. Like in The Devil Wears Prada; when Andy gets a makeover, and walks into the office wearing an outfit featuring the Chanel Thigh High Leather Boots. Yes, Thigh highs are no longer a “streetwalker” tell, but a sophisticated way to stay stylish and warm during autumn and winter.

With designers the likes of Gucci and Victoria Beckham putting their spin on the Thigh High Boot, there are arrays of options when it comes to boots. Take the simple black suede thigh high boot, perfect for styling everyday wear such as with faded skinny jeans and a black trench.

Add a vintage but expensive spin on this boot with the embroidered touch. With florals transitioning with us into the winter and autumn months, this is a smart way to stay on trend while adding a touch of pricey antique to your look.

Try your thigh highs as a statement piece by rocking a simple clean outfit with boots that feature diamante embellishment to give your look the drama from the Gods! Who said your shoes couldn’t look like a disco ball? Have fun with these hot to trot looks from Hidden.