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How To Slay Graduation

How To Slay Graduation

June 14, 2018

With graduation season upon us, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.This is what the last couple of years of your education has been leading to after all! So to help you compose yourself and slay at your graduation, the smart cookies at HIDDEN HQ have put together a collection of their top tips. Hats at the ready girls, as we celebrate your graduation!

No.1 Your Outfit Choice Is Very Important



When it comes to choosing your graduation dress comfort is key! Typically, graduations are held in the summer, and although we don’t experience tropical heatwaves in the UK, a thick flowing gown draped on your body all day can leave you hot and bothered. We suggest keeping your dress light, comfortable and family friendly. We love our Electric Blue Bow Back Strappy Dress for this occasion.



No. 2 Keep Your Heels Sensible



You want three things from your graduation heels, comfort, the ability to walk in them and of course sassiness! Our number one tip for graduation is if you’ve bought new heels, make sure they’re thoroughly worn in before the big day! The last thing you want is your big day to be ruined by monstrous blisters caused by your latest heels! Seeing as everyone is wearing the same graduation gown, shoes are a great way for a girl to make a statement by rocking some unique footwear.




No. 3 Stay Photo Ready



Get ready girl, you’re going to have to be photo ready all day, Your parents are going to be so proud of their little girl that they’ll turn into your personal paparazzi - so stay snap ready! Keeping blotting paper, tissues and makeup at hand can help you fend off unflattering photos finding their way onto Facebook.




No. 4 Waterproof Mascara Is Your Friend



Graduation is an emotional day. Your family is so proud of you and you still can’t believe you managed to hand in your dissertation! Tears are an inevitable part of the day, so don’t get caught out! Waterproof mascara is a must! No one wants panda eyes in their graduation photo, right?




No. 5 Have Fun



You’ve already done the hard work, so just take the time to enjoy the day. Get yourself a glass of bubbly and have fun! You’ve worked so hard to graduate, so embrace it - you deserve it girl!



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