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April 28, 2021



Girl, you’re looking for some hair inspiration and I am here to deliver just that!
Luckily for us, 2020 gave all the hair creatives a lot of time to get inspired.
I’m sure just like I am, you’re getting fed up with scrapping your weekly-washed hair into a top knot to look semi
presentable and have kind of forgotten how to pin curl your hair at this point.
So to help you get excited about plans being on the horizon,
here are the hair trends of Spring Summer 21!


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As we crave lightness and positivity in our lives, we will opt for lighter and
brighter blonde tones in our hair too! Cool icy blonde highlights and pure white
balayage will be popular this spring, with us leaning towards creative pastels in
the summer.


The undone bob is here to stay. Beginning as a fleeting trend it’s now became a
staple on our Instagram feed. However, this season the bob will have more of a
grunge vibe as it takes an androgynous style! Cool right?



If somehow TikTok didn’t convince you to dye a blonde streak in your hair
over the summer, don’t worry because you still have time! All the cool
Instagram girls are doing it this season, it’s a fun way to add some colour to
your hair without the commitment! I mean even Kylie Jenner has done it!



 Not quite ready to take your hair out of a pony? We’ve got you covered sis,
mix your regular pony up by recreating the trending bubble pony! All you
need is a few elastics and some oil to hold any flyaways!



Another nod to the ‘90s is this Baby-Spice inspired hair trend! Simple pigtails with a cool twist to try out!

Tip: Wrap a piece of hair round your bobble for a more flawless look!