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Keepin’ It Chill: 5 Ways To Relax

Keepin’ It Chill: 5 Ways To Relax

October 28, 2019

Whether you’ve had a long day at work/uni or life is getting you down atm,
we know it can feel impossible to relax sometimes.
If you’re finding it hard to unwind, remember that you’ve got to take
time out for yourself.
Too much stress isn’t the best for your mental and physical health.
Not giving yourself enough time to properly chill can interrupt your sleep,
make it trickier to stay healthy and can really get you down.
That’s why we’re serving up our fave ways to relax below.
Whether you wanna reduce stress or just find new relaxing things to do,
these are our top tips for keepin’ it chill.
1.Take a long bath
If you find you’ve only ever got time to shower,
it’s time to set aside a bit for a bath.
A long soak can ease your muscles, calm your mind and give
you time to reflect.
Wondering how to relax even more? pick out a glittery
bath bomb and a few scented candles to make it extra chill.
2.Get into comfy loungewear
Cute loungewear is a great way to relax.
Instead of those old pjs, choose comfy loungewear that makes
you feel good (as well as look gorge).
It’ll make you want to get home to get your comfies on and get you
in the right mindset to chill.
Wanna pick out some new? Shop our loungewear edit to find looks
that make it easy to relax.
Meditating is one of the most relaxing things to do.
If you’re new to meditation, try downloading an app that can help you get in the right mindset.
4.Read a book
Wondering how to reduce stress?
Open up a new book on your Kindle and settle
in for a few hours.
Reading is thought to significantly reduce stress levels and
can even ease muscle tension.
Plus, is there anything better than lighting a
candle & cosying up with your fave book? We say nope.
5.Phone a friend
Chilling out doesn’t have to be stuff you do on your own.
Instead of messaging, try ringing your bestie for a chat.
If you’re struggling with a specific problem,
they might have some advice or just be able to listen for a bit.
A problem shared is a problem halved.
Plus, chatting with someone you love can help to improve
your mood and a good catch up on the phone means you can’t get
distracted by stuff you feel you HAVE to do.
Whether you’re feeling stressed about your job, uni or something else,
taking the time to chill is the ultimate self-care.
We hope our tips have helped, babe,
and we’re sending lots of good vibes your way.