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Looking After Your Dolla Dolla Bill

Looking After Your Dolla Dolla Bill

January 31, 2018

Whether you're a boss bae, struggling student or stay at home mom, making sure you're keeping on top of your finances should be a numero uno priority. Getting clued up on how to keep track of your spends, saving a little for a rainy day and paying off those cheeky credit card bills can help free up some extra skrilla to spend on the things that matter most in life. Clothes.


Do Your Research

Where you keep your cash is one of the major players in helping save and earn a bit of cash. A quick flick through Money Saving Expert can help with deciding which bank is right for you. Our finances are all individual so what is good for a friend might not be the best for you.


Pay Off Those Bills

We're not looking for a man to pay our bills, bills, bills (although it would be nice), but it's important to put those outstanding debts as a priority. Paying off those store cards that are only generating more and more interest will help free up a lot of extra dough. 


Stop Getting Store And Credit Cards 

Store cards and credit cards may seem like easy money to get the things you want right away, but boy do they come back to bite you. Although the sales assistant may be painting you a pretty picture to use store credit so you won't have to pay today, the interest may end up with you paying twice. Payment methods like Klarna can help you get what you want now without the interest and dodgy sign-ups.


Save Where You Can

Putting away a little bit every month can surprise you with how much you might save. Even setting up a piggy bank to deposit the change you get when spending cash in will help. Switching where you by your groceries and not buying branded products and hitting up the sales will make the money stretch a little further.