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Electric Cinema

Electric Cinema

November 03, 2017

Our recent adventure had us taking a road trip to the infamous God’s Own Junkyard located in London. An eclectic collection of iconic neon signage ranging from old movie props to salvaged shop signs; God’s Own Junkyard is a haven of typography, iconography and neon.

Our Neon Nirvana campaign puts sequins on overdrive and brings you the latest party dress trends nonstop.

Chris Bracey the curator and creator of God’s Own Junkyard has had his work featured in array of Hollywood blockbusters and collaborated with the likes of David Chapelle as well as Stanley Kubrick.

Check out our favourite high voltage inspired flicks and follow the green fairy to discover Neon Nirvana.



A tale of love and loss, Moulin Rouge not only has a dream musical medley but breath-taking sets. The lighting emphasises the Diamond Dogs elaborate costumes and is a visual banquet for the eyes. Come what may, Moulin Rouge is a must watch!



Featuring neon from the man himself, Bracey lent his lightwork talents to Kubrick for the film Eyes Wide Shut. An erotic drama following the story of Dr. Bill Harford played by Tom Cruise the film plays out a complex story about marriage and sexuality.



 A neo-noir sci-fi, Blade Runner explores themes of morality within a techno dystopian future. Neon lighting merges Tokyo and Los Angeles to set the futuristic tone. With the sequel recently released, there’s a lot of viewing to be had!


Explore the neon metropolis further, and shop the Neon Nirvana collection.