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I've Got New Rules, I Count 'em

I've Got New Rules, I Count 'em

November 09, 2017

With Selena Gomez’s potential relationship rekindling with boo Justin Bieber, it is important for us ladies to remember to follow Dua Lipa’s New Rules. It’s time to move on from that shady ex because if you’re under him, you ain’t gettin’ over him!


It’s time to give them that Hotline Bling treatment. It’s time to start wearing less and going out more. It’s time to leave that phone on silent and give them a swift delete and block (on EVERYTHING). Phones should be for one thing on a night out and that’s a kick ass boomerang for insta in the club toilets.


This goes for both your heart and your front door. You know what he’s like, you’ll know it’ll happen again and you are WAY too fabulous for that to happen. Pop on your favourite loungewear, turn up the volume on Netflix and ignore those front door knocks. You ain’t no hollaback girl.


There is truth behind the saying ‘exes can’t be friends’. You’ll either end up in that vicious dating but not really cycle and things will go pear shaped or you'll be plastering on that fake smile whenever you see them with their new bae. Don’t do it to yourself babe!


OK, so this one technically isn’t a Dua Lipa New Rule, but it is one from Hidden (trust us we own a lot of clothes). You won’t find solace in the bottom of a bottle or in the arms of an old flame, but a cheeky little purchase can give you that boost that you need. There’s no need to text back when you have a new outfit to put on the ‘Gram. Middle fingers up, tell that boy bye.


Now, whether you're hitting the club or staying in Hidden has you covered to keep you in the latest trends from head to toe.