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We want that (pan)cake, cake, cake, cake!

We want that (pan)cake, cake, cake, cake!

February 12, 2018

You won't catch us slaving over a hot skillet for anything but pancake day. Whether you're a Nutella fanatic, a sprinkle of sugar with a squeeze of lemon kinda gal or a peanut butter and banana fan; there's plenty of ways to update your cakes this Shrove Tuesday.


You 'batter' sit down for these 'flipping' amazing pancake recipes that will definitely make sure your Pancake day doesn't fall flat! 


Hummingbird pancakes with caramelised pineapple

This pina colada pancake stack has us feeling like summer came early! Great for those who go lactose-free this recipe can be easily adjusted to a vegan diet.


Gluten-free sweet potato hot cakes

These hot cakes use sweet potato to lay the base. Warm, soft and fluffy you won't believe these are gluten free AND vegan.


Apple Pie Pancakes with Vanilla Maple Syrup

An indulgent dessert for apple lovers. Take your cakes to the next level and treat yourself to this stack.



Pistachio Pancakes

For those who go nuts for pistachios, this one is sure to satiate your pistachio cravings. Another one for to add to your vegan cookbook, this stack is drizzled with a cherry sauce. Can pancake day last all week, please?



Orange pancakes with berry-orange sauce

A refreshing play on the traditional pancake, this stack will add a zing to your pancake day morning because why do you have to stick to having just one serving?!