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Pump, Pump, Pump It Up!

Pump, Pump, Pump It Up!

May 05, 2018





Ever have those free days where your bestie calls you up for an unexpected, unplanned adventure? Often the best memories we make during the summer come from those spontaneous outings. So better have that'I look great without trying'outfit ready! Both comfortable and stylish, pumps are a girl's best friend for these occasions. As a result, the experts at Hidden Fashion have put together a guide to their favourite pumps for those last minute adventures.




White Flatform Trainers




Surely no wrong step can be made with a pair of fresh white pumps. These classic white trainer pumps with a cheeky platform will help you look your best as you strut, stroll or saunter comfortably. Pair the pumps with blue jeans and a slogan t-shirt for a ready to wear look.



Chunky Trainers in Baby Blue and White 



It's no secret that 90's fashion is back in a big way, and these Chunky Trainers in Baby Blue and White are giving us all the 90's we need! The chunky white soles give that nostalgic spice boots look in a much more wearable way. While the pale blue adds a wash of pastel colour that is ideal for summer! 


Black Flatform Trainers


Why not add a bit of lift while you're keeping it caj with our Black Flatform Pumps. Designed in a slip-on style, these black platform pumps are the perfect option for any girl on the go who doesn’t want to compromise comfort for style.




 Gold Metallic Trainers with White Trim


A girl can never have too much gold. These Gold Metallic Trainers with White Trim are the perfect way to introduce metallics into your summer closet in a casual way. The gold PU fabric is ideal for adding a touch of sparkle to any everyday look, while the white trimming grounds the pumps in a wearable aesthetic.

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