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Ready, Set, Relax

Ready, Set, Relax

November 22, 2017

We know you work babe and every hard worker always deserves a much-needed rest. But, relaxing at home is no excuse to pull out your holey tracksuit. Don’t get caught short if last minute plans suddenly come up. Shop our comfy looks that can take you from binging on the latest Netflix series to an unexpected visit from your partner's parents. It’s time to kick up your feet, keep it cute and press play!
Why not try out these Netflix inspired comfy couch wear and show some love to your favourite series!

American Horror Story

Basic witches beware! Stay bewitching with this super comfy set and avoid any fashion horror stories.

Breaking Bad

Rule breakers and bad baes, put your masks on and take over the town.

Stranger Things

stranger things style
Survive the upside down in style with these loungewear pieces. Keep it strange just in time for season 2!


Join the clothes cartel and get your supply of fresh loungewear! We're only dealing style and fresh trends. 

Pretty Little Liars

We tell no lies when we say you’ll be slaying and super cosy when decked out in this Pretty Little Selection. 
Shop more binge-worthy loungewear below!