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Slaying In the City

Slaying In the City

October 27, 2017


To all our Killer Queens, and Sophisticated Slayers we want you to know, we have your back in fashion. Yes ladies, we appreciate you and wholeheartedly believe in empowering our Boardroom Baes!

The runways were littered with inspiration from Alexander Wang’s cosmopolitan looks to Givenchy’s slayer sets. With a completely new look at powerhouse staples, we are seeing a feminine spin on wardrobe essentials. 

It’s time to update the workwear fundamentals by giving a contemporary and very femme touch to classics. Take the shirt, for example, we have seen the shirt go through many transformations; This season ruffles and flute sleeves have caught on fire! With looks becoming greatly more feminine, perfect for channelling your inner Diva. After all, as the Queen B herself proclaimed, a Diva is a female version of a hustler.

The office trouser has not been neglected either, receiving more than just tailored attention but a whole now polish. Paper-bag styles give it a more cosmopolitan look and not to mention that high waist fit to help you feel more confident, but let you show the world you mean business.

Dresses have seen a nouveau twist too, with puffy sleeves coming to out to play. Midi dresses; with details classically associated with suits have also caught our eye, taking the work dress up a few levels.


The casual take on the boss bae power suite is a winner for us. This season it’s all about looking effortlessly accomplished, with an urban edge, with longline blazers against loose cut quarter length trousers.


The fun does not end there ladies, jumpsuits can be fun as well as work perfect. Not only ideal for layering but you can also change out the look, again and again, to get more looks out of your clothes.