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The Catwalk Edit

The Catwalk Edit

July 06, 2017

Everyone and anyone in the world of fashion loves designer. I mean come on, even people that aren’t in the world of fashion love designer! But what we don’t love is the price that comes with it.
Don’t you just hate it when you fall in love with the latest designer bag or pair of boots, and then realise that you have to take out a small mortgage to pay for them? It’s simply heart breaking, right?
Well wipe your tears girl, Hidden Fashion are here to save the day, once again! We’ve put together for you, a little Catwalk Edit of how you can do designer, the Hidden Fashion way – and trust us, you won’t be taking out a small mortgage anytime soon!
Take a look at the new Gucci Garden Exclusive collection... and then take a look at our gorgeous Black Suede Ankle Boots with Embossed Snake at the amazing price of £40!
Happy Shopping!
Lots of Love - Hidden Fashion xox