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The Summer Edit Recap

The Summer Edit Recap

July 13, 2019

Sun kissed skin, so hot, it’ll melt your popsicle!

What’s your summer jam? Do you vibe for Katy Perry or are you more of indie gal who sticks on those summer-feel good classics for those endless road trips! From that favourite floaty dress, to your go-to picnic spot! Name one person who doesn’t love everything summer has to offer!


Summer is in full swing and admittedly Hidden HQ have gone crazy for the floaty off the shoulder. Think thrills and delicate prints; angelic never felt so good!

But if you prefer your outfits to be louder than your favourite artist at Love Box, more often than not, the hot tones take centre stage during the summer period and the bigger and bolder, the better!




We must admit, we are still finding glitter in our hair after a jam-packed pride weekend full of glitz and glam and we aren’t ready to give that up yet!

Neon is still a vibe and if looking fierce and fire is your fave, let clashed prints with splashes of neon do the talking when you walk in to that Sunday evening bbq!