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Times we Related to Salem the Cat a little too Much

Times we Related to Salem the Cat a little too Much

January 10, 2018

With a Sabrina the Teenage Witch Netflix reboot on the way, we can't help but think of our favourite feline from the show. A 500-year-old witch sentenced to spend 100 years as a cat for trying to take over the world, Salem's sassamafrass is a fond childhood memory all watchers will remember. 


A true sassy icon, we can't help related. Here are times when we related a little too much to Salem.


Getting that coin... 


There's nothing better than the feeling of money hitting your account (...and then spending it all on clothes within half a day. Whoops.)


Attention. All the time...

When we said we wanted to be left alone we 100% didn't mean it. We need attention 24/7 whether it be by text, by snapchat or by a phone call!


Eating when we're happy...

Any cause for celebration means there'll be food. Pass the pizza, please!


Eating when we're sad...

Nothing better than a whole bag of sharing Dorito's when you're having a down day. (...or maybe we just like to eat all the time?)


When you're best friend says something bad about themselves...

Sometimes your best friend is not appreciating themselves and you've gotta set them straight. "YOU ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN CINDERELLA. YOU SMELL LIKE PINE NEEDLES AND HAVE A FACE LIKE SUNSHINE."


 When your Tinder date gets a bit too deep...

This is the first time we've met. Calm down, dude.