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True Colours - What Your Clothes Say About You

True Colours - What Your Clothes Say About You

March 22, 2018

Spring is officially on the way so we're switching up our look for the new season and beginning to inject some colour into our closets. Whether you love pastels or bright bold shades are your thing, the colours you choose to wear actually say a lot about your personality. Scroll down to find out what your fave colour says about you …



Black – not just the colour of your soul, but the soles of your kicks too. If your whole wardrobe consists of black, black and more black, you're a total girl boss who's got the power to take control of any sitch with style, sophistication and a whole lot of attitude.




Ladies in blue are sweet, positive and always loyal to their besties. They are strong-willed and not afraid to go out and get what they want. They make awesome friends and connect deeply with others.




This fierce shade is not for the faint hearted. Girls who rep this empowering colour are sexy, impulsive and full of passion and fire. Well, that's our excuse for flipping out at bae!




Ladies who love purple are incredibly spiritual and intuitive. They are creative and sensitive with a love of art and fashion. Purple is also a symbol of great wealth - can we still wear this gorg shade even though we've got like 37p left in our accounts?





White is for the good girls. Those who wear it are innocent, sincere and above all, confident. It's a symbol of light and goodness, so rock your white jeans and be the angel you are!




Pink is for the lovers! Girls who wear this feminine colour are popular and wear their hearts on their sleeves. They love to love and be loved right back. Ladies in pink have always got your back!




If you're the girl who organises all the plans in the group chat and makes a new best mate in the ladies room on a night out, chances are you love wearing orange. This colour is worn by those who are always hyped and love nothing more than meeting new peeps and hanging out with their squad.


Show us your fave colour and shop new in!