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Viva Donatella

Viva Donatella

May 02, 2018

Opulence! Opulence darling! To mark the 63rd birthday of Donatella Versace the team at HIDDEN HQ would like to celebrate the work of a living legend in the fashion industry. Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford the dollars for real Versace pieces. So to help you girls out, we’ve put together our top Versace inspired pieces to help you roll like Donatella, but on a lemonade budget.




Blue Baroque Bardot Mini Dress
You know the saying less is more? Yeah, to hell with that! This Blue Baroque Bardot Mini Dress is the perfect option for you ladies who want all the grandeur of Versace but at a reasonable price. The classic heavy gold baroque print that covers the dress gives you all the bold vibes of Donatella, while the light blue backdrop adds a refreshing twist that is perfect for summer.


Black Bodycon Mini Dress with Gold Hook Detailing

Who remembers the Versace safety pin dress that launched Elizabeth Hurley’s career? Well, this isn’t it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not just as good! Drawing on Versace’s classic black and gold colour palette, this dress perfectly executes a more toned down yet vampy style that Donatella would be proud of. The gold hook detailing is strategically lined to accentuate your curves in a flattering yet dramatic way - turning the LBT into a something FIRE!



Black & Gold Baroque Printed Tie Waist Cropped Sheer Shirt


For those who want the glamour of Versace but in a more casual way, this Black & Gold Baroque Printed Tie Waist Cropped Sheer Shirt is ideal! The classic gold baroque print that we all know and love is still there but reimagined into a cool and youthful way. For full impact, pair the shirt with high waisted trousers or a pair of jeans.



Black Bandage Dress with Gold Buttons


Against popular opinion, you can rock Versace inspired style in a subtle way. This Black Bandage Dress with Gold Buttons is the perfect example. This sexy black number has a classic LBD feel while achieving a touch of decadence through the gold button detailing. Perfectly balancing sexy minimalism with glamorous Italian inspired aesthetics. Team the dress with black stilettos for a sophisticated going out look.    



Green & Gold Baroque Print Button Up Longline Blazer Dress


Versace style isn’t all about black and gold! Add some colour to your summer closet with this Green & Gold Baroque Button Up Longline Blazer Dress. The combination of signature gold baroque print and vibrant green backdrop adds a bold base to the dress that is ideal for sunnier seasons. While the blazer style adds structure to the piece that screams boss lady!

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