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Why You Should Curve Cuffing Season

Why You Should Curve Cuffing Season

November 13, 2017

As the temperature drops and the jumpers unearth themselves from on top of the wardrobe, suddenly everywhere you turn seems to be about coupling up with someone to share those cold winter nights with. Sharing a hot chocolate with your other half, ice skating dates, having a mulled wine in front of an open fire and cuddling up under a blanket on the sofa together. Every single thing this time of year seems to be about romance and love.

The panic sets in and suddenly your signed up to four different dating sites and have renewed your subscription to Tinder+. You end up settling for someone all your friends hate, your mom doesn’t like them and every time you see them you dislike them a little more. Christmas is right around the corner and you can’t break up with them because you don’t want to be the monster that dumped someone two weeks before Christmas. Cry.


Save yourself the trauma and boycott Cuffing Season completely because as Bruno Mars once so eloquently put it, “Girl you’re amazing, just the way you are” (single and slaying).


Save that Paper

Going on dates costs M-O-N-E-Y. Whether they’re paying, you’re paying or you’re going Dutch; money is being spent. Total the costs of that eyebrow wax, the new razor you had to buy because yours hadn’t been used in so long it went rusty and the new lipstick you splurged on because your new catch says magenta “makes them nervous” (erm, what…?), a lot of P has already been spent. Let’s not even think about the Christmas presents. Sigh. All of this could be going on a new Party Dress. You’ll be able to wear it to the work Christmas-do as well as you and your besties Christmas get-together. Nobody will know you wore it twice (as long as it's only Instagrammed once). Dream.


The Christmas Gift Conundrum

Forget about the money, the trauma of deciding whether you’ve been dating long enough to get them a gift, the “how much do I spend?”, the “how much will they spend?” and the inevitable “What if I get them a gift and they don’t get me one and I look desperate or vice versa?!”. Save yourself the worry and avoid it all completely! There’s only one person who truly deserves a gift this year and you’re the only one who knows what they really want (we’re talking about you, go on treat yourself).


You Won’t Have to Break Up with them in the New Year

We get it. New year, new you and a new boo but, this year save the heartbreak all around. You might realise you like Derrick a little more than you thought and end up dragging this out another 6 months before the way he chews his food finally drives you over the edge. Cue dramatic public breakup in Pret a Manger over a croissant, a mocha and a muffin. Avoid the drama this New Year and instead focus on more positive New Year’s resolutions such as trying to stop biting your nails, never downloading Tinder again and spending more time with rescue dogs. 

After all that curving you deserve a treat! Spoil yourself and get the dress (...and the shoes).