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Your Sprig Jacket Guide

Your Sprig Jacket Guide

March 27, 2019

With spring officially upon us, it’s time to revamp our outerwear to suit the changing season. Thankfully, Hidden Fashion has your back with our amazing range of light coats & jackets - perfect for keeping you toastie but not overheated! To get you spring-ready, we’ve put together our range of must-have spring jackets.

Rebel Without a Cause

Nothing adds edge to a look quite like a leather jacket. Why not combine rock’n’roll edge with feminine pleating with our Black Leather Jacket with Frill Detailing this spring. Ideal for adding girly volume to any outfit while keeping you protected from those spring showers.

Return of the Mac

Some things never go out of style - and the classic mac is one of those times! Simple, practical, and stylish, our Black Mac Coat with Wrist Ties is the perfect jacket for any girl looking for a jacket that will stand the test of time!

Look The Bomb

Fun and youthful - the classic bomber jacket is a staple in many girl’s spring closets - with good reason, the classic bomber silhouette is sure to keep any season breezes at bay while keeping things lightweight and practical We’re loving this Pink & Black Bomber Jacket with Mesh Detailing.

Loving our jacket picks? Discover our full coat range below!